Xinhua Yinchuan, March 21 (Zhang Jielong) 21, “Good, Yinchuan made” 2021 Yinchuan Yinchuan Yi industrial product exhibition and promotion will be opened in Jianfa Grand Parade City.

The product presentation will be held from March 21 to March 23. Set up a number of content, such as salons, product displays and promotions, brand live broadcasts, and invited 37 Ningxia yan brands and related enterprises to participate in the exhibition.


2021 Yinchuan Yu Industrial Product Exhibition and Promotion Conference

The industry is one of the strategic leading industries with the most local characteristics and brand advantages in Ningxia. At present, Yinchuan City, the planting area of 20,000 mu, the comprehensive output value of 3.6 billion yuan, to account for only 5.7% of the region’s planting area, contributing to the region’s output value of 18.8%. At present, Yinchuan City has a total of 92 production enterprises, of which 15 enterprises above the scale. There are 272 circulation enterprises and 11 online enterprises.


Ningxia Helan Industrial Park Management Committee signed a contract with Bai ruiyuan Co., Ltd

At the presentation site, Zhang Wei, director of the Institute of The Guest, gave a keynote speech entitled “Taking advantage of the new consumer dividend and implanting the slugs into life”, and with the six leading enterprises related to the industry, such as Bai Ruiyuan, conducted a discussion on the theme “How to change from a porter to a high value-added products”, which provided a consultation for yinchuan’s industrial development.

Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and Ningxia Helan Industrial Park Management Committee on the investment environment on-site promotion, and with the BairuiYuanYuan Co., Ltd., Ningxia Wufu Bairui Industrial Co., Ltd. and other enterprises on-site signing, to seek high-quality development of the industry.

On the negative level of Jianfa Grand Parade City, 37 brands and related enterprises concentrated on the appearance, sunbathing their own signature products, dried fruit, wine, enzymes, tea, fruit paste, mask … The products are filled with booths and attract many consumers to taste and buy them.


It is reported that the event was organized by Yinchuan Municipal People’s Government, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Forestry and Prairie Bureau, Yinchuan City, the high-quality development of the modern industry, Yinchuan City Natural Resources Bureau, Yinchuan City Bureau of Commerce, Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, Ningxia Helan Industrial Park Management Committee and other contractors.

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